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Introducing Our New Studio

Updated: May 7, 2021

On the 22nd of March 2021, we have reached a milestone, our studio has relocated to a new place!

Back in 3 years, ever since Image 28 Studio was founded, we had been working on the third floor of a shop lot. Although the space was quite limited, we still managed to create a lot of wonderful works and memories with our clients. After 3 years, we have already outgrown it.

Unlike the previous shop lot, the new studio is a semi-detached factory, has ample space and peaceful surroundings.

For now, we are so ready to take on new challenges.

This spacious studio is about 73295 square feet, 79-meter-wide, and 96-meter height.

This studio holds a capacity of 100 people. For now, we are ready to take on large-scale commercial shooting events and even for big furniture commercial shooting.

This spacious environment allows us to store up sufficient equipment.

Of course, not forgetting to mention our managing director (Vincent Yii) as the ambassador of Elinchrom, their flash system is often used during production.

We are truly grateful for every little thing and the projects we worked on together as a team. We thank you for the trust in choosing us, which accompanies the growth of Image 28 Studio. Let’s create more and more meaningful works together.

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