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Build your image

2022 is a very special year, because of what has happened, everyone has begun to focus on building their personal image. Whether you want to sell your own products or find potential sellers, you can build a good personal image in order to create a sufficient sense of professionalism. Starting by taking a Professional personal photo of yourself will definitely be a great decision.


Use your image to help you persuade potential clients. You must have had the experience that people will first judge who you are from your profile picture. And this largely solidifies the customer's first impression of you, so our purpose is to help you create a good image photo, which can play a huge role in your business entirely.


Or be bold, shoot some subjects that you can only think about at ordinary times, and show another side of yourself more freely, which is also a kind of freedom. There is no right or wrong in dressing and matching. The mainstream view of society is not necessarily the iron law you have to follow, just do it.




Shooting endorsements for your company and brand? Of course, this is a must. Whether you want to shoot magazine covers, posters, billboards, etc., we have related shooting services, feel free to contact us! We have also photographed many big brands including local and international, and have rich experience here in Image 28 Studio.

Taking family photos may seem like an unnecessary thing for a family. But when the time is extended, ten or twenty years later, if you come back and look at it, it will be a pity if you don't leave a photo of the whole family. Especially in modern times, people gather less and leave more often. Apart from work, there are many trivial matters to be dealt with, and there is very little time to get together. Therefore, take a family photo and retain the feeling of home.


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Team & Group

Taking overall pictures of your team? This is one of the best ways to build a collective image! Let others realize that you are a professional team capable of providing customers with a professional service. We always think that clients can experience our service first and let them know that we are professional, but the reality is that this judgment has already happened from the photo level. So, don't let your photos drop in price.

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