We do

Renting Studio?

have what you need

Our Indoor Studio,
Maybe not the Biggest,
but it is Spacious.


Of course, a space for all your crew members to discuss the objective and planning of shooting, make up, or even a meal break during intermission. Our space allows you to pack it all in a breeze! See the Floor Plan




Who wants to put on makeup in a tiny yet dark space? Neither the makeup artist or the model right? So we provide you with a clean and open makeup table, so that makeup artists can magic whatever they want comfortably.


Oh yes, the equipment. What normal people can think of is kinda basic, we have more equipment than you can imagine, not just the C stand (that's really basic). Well, ask us when you need it and we'll give you a full list of equipment.



It's time to create some great work. Look at this high ceiling , it's a pity that funny things like lamp racks knocking on the ceiling can't happen here. The huge white background board lets you stuff anything, there's 44 square meters of space here, man, you can create whatever you want.

Hold on! Guess what?


We can even welcome your huge @ss vehicle here!

Don't believe it?

Try us. 😉


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