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Bigger is Better.

Seriously, food is something that makes you hungry when you look at the pictures on the menu, even if you're not “really” hungry.

It can precisely arouse our appetite, which is the biggest point of Menu's existence:
to make people craving for food.



When you zoom in on the details of the food on the actual scale, everything will become lifelike. When customers consider, they may even have the illusion that the food has been served, so they get more eager to place an order.
This is what we called the secret to Magic.


This is how people see it on phone.

Most of them are unable to zoom in, viewing size varies by device screen size, etc. Yes, using a phone is really convenient, but it cuts the chances of a customer coming back by more than half, because such a small image simply doesn't appeal to them.



& Modern

It is undeniable that using mobile devices to order food is indeed a very efficient thing, so is it necessary to choose one?

You can actually have both at the same time.

Not only do we have the advantages of traditional menus, but we also enjoy the convenience of ordering through mobile devices.


People like real thing

To see and to touch it.

The tactile feedback through the page is a real feeling, not a screen that only lights up, which is why traditional menus never die.

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